We are committed to attracting and motivating talented people who have the drive, desire and determination to succeed. As leaders in our industry we are committed to our employees, to improving our team and individual performances and giving everyone the opportunity to achieve professional and personal growth.

Every day we help customers working in industries as diverse as automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods, to streamline their processes, increase efficiency and maximise profits and we need someone competent and professional who can join our team to help us achieve this.

Quality and efficiency are the keys to our success and we are therefore keen to employ the best people available.

Sub Contract & Suppliers Needed

Current Job Offers
Job Description
Wed 1/2/2010 Project Manager
Project Manager
Wed 10/2/2010 CAD Designers SolidWorks
Tue 9/2/2010 Engineering Manager
Engineering Manager

Thur 1/2/2010

CAD Designers (freelance/full time)
Coming soon



If you are the person we are looking for, please contact us to discuss this position further.


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