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Bolt Feeders

Bolt Feeder 3



The 3 handles on the right hand side are used to adjust for different diameter of bolt

Bolt Feeder 2

Bolt Feeder 1

A central chain with dogs which orientate the bolt carry the bolts to the head end of the conveyor where they are ejected in line down tooling



Carousel 1

Bottled gas in filling building

Carousel 5

Small industrial engines

Carousel 3

Lo-width carousel with moulds in a foam seat process through heated tunnel

Carousel 4 

Hedge trimmers on platterns carried by pucks on chain.

Carousel 2

Plattern handling



Turn Over Units


Keg Turn over 2
Beer Kegs

Twin Cruciforms which locate on an inverted keg turn the keg on its side. At the next cruciform the keg is tuned the right way up. A twinchain conveyor runs through the unit and the Cruciforms are actuated through gearboxes and electro magnetic clutches.

Keg Turn over 4

Keg Turn over 1


Air conditioning units

An automatic turn over unit for air-conditioning units: although big and heavy they have a thin protective outer skin. The twin driven roller conveyors close together with turnbuckle type screws and the units are handled delicately. Searle Manufacturing Ltd,  Fareham.

Keg Turn over 3


Keg Turn over 5
Heat treatment trays
1500Kg of forgings are received from furnaces at high heat and tipped into one of two Quench Conveyors. Major project.



lifts 4
Lifts 1
lifts 2
lifts 3
A presstool lifting, carrying and positioning system
A rodless cylinder single acting high lift
A simple pneumatic direct lift.
A typical inexpensive inter floor lift to take 1T loads between differing levels
Lifts 7
A 3 position pneumatic lift with fork truck type doubling chain lift. Supplied to Pirelli
Lifts 5

Lifts 6

A manual hydraulic pump gives lift facility and a cam operation gives tilt. The units are castor mounted to carry up to 500Kg. Typical use is form tool storage racks to press bolster


Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing3
Pressure Testing4
Pressure Testing9
Pressure Testing1
Manual loading exhaust manifold into machine
Port blocks automatically move into position
Machine guard closes
Here is a calibrated stamp which imprints data of the pressure test
Pressure Testing7
Pressure Testing8
Pressure Testing5
Pressure Testing2
Above the machine a bowl feeder feeds nuts into nut runners
Pressure testing unit and HMI (Man/Human Machine Interface)
Large aluminium casting placed onto a plattern an pushed into machine for leak test
Pressure Testing6
Pressure Testing

Smaller castings carried around a carousel conveyor for automatic detection and pressure testing.

Scissor Lifts


Scissor lift 2 Scissor Lift  3


Scissor Lift 1

Produced for GEC Alstrom - Stafford


Double scissor lift to feed long beams into a cropping and punching machine. Brook Motors.




A bin tipper to lift and tip at a height of about 2M. Hydraulic controlled.
tipper 3
tippers 2
3 Tonne skip tippers at GKN Birfield used for H&S reasons and efficiency


Stackers By C & A Ltd

We now have a separate company manufacturing buffering and stacking equipment for many types of industry:

Stacking Systems Limited

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Click here to view the Buffers & Stackers site


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