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Tube Coiling

Automatic Take up of Plastic tube, Coil into discrete lengths, cut off, strap and eject.



tube coiling 3 tube coiling 4 tube coiling 5

coil_complete_being_strapped coiling_mandrel_open_having_ejected stack_at_end_of_unit



Coating Systems


A system at SKF bearings to accept 'doughnuts' of EN32 which will eventually be stamped into the cups & cones of taper roller bearings. In this production the doughnuts are stamped into the two parts when it is important that they doughnut is are well lubricated.

prodauto ltd In this process the doughnuts are tipped into a hopper and feed side by side onto a mesh belt which passes through a solution of molten molybdenum disulphide.   
  After this they are fed via a chute into 'Big Bertha' which is a Flighted tube with variable speed and variable angle to rotate and spread the lubricant for the desired duration.  PRODAUTO LTD






Incorporating the latest in PLC, PC , Profibus, Profinet and data recoding systems






Heated Systems


  A simple system to heat track rod ends to clinch a seal and lock the assembly.
drying The assemblies are manually loaded onto the tail end of the conveyor. There is a long series of temperature controlled areas which build to the precise temperature.

final run-out section gives a fan cooled area.






Swarf & Scrap




This type of handling falls into variSous categories:

  • Complete schemes or individual units for single machines. 

  • Materials 







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