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Chain & Bucket


Chain & Bucket



Belt & Bucket handling sand in foundry

Bolt Feeder

40T hopper being feed cast iron chippings by bucket elevator

Slat Conveyors

4Butting slats - Handling hot stampings

9A 6" pitch scrap conveyor in adverse conditions
14One of 2 special jigged slat conveyors for Ikeda Hoover, next the the Nissan plant in the NE, for handling car seat assembly

11A 1.5T moulding box in the head of a twin chain slat conveyor. Note the point loading on one slat due to the bend on the carrying plate

8An apron slat conveyor for handling castings from a knock out at 1200°C manufactured from EN32B. Ford foundry 13 One of our 3" hinge plate slat conveyors handling scrap and with a weather hood section as it exited a building to fill a skip
5Flat cooling conveyor handing cool-forged components with positioning for robot take off. 12An orientating slat conveyor to elevate tubular components and feed out at top of conveyor
3Bifurcated hinge plate slats with diverter chute 2Our basic 3" pitch hinge plate slat and 6 tooth sprockets
10 Plastic slat conveyor handling jigs 190° Plastic slat conveyor.
6 73" slat conveyor removing scrap aluminium from underfloor pit.

Mesh Conveyors

Mesh may be a straight forward horizontal process conveyor or a substantial 7T catenary quench belt in stainless steel to handle 1.5T of forgings dropped into quench at 1200°C.

Pharmaceutical capsule washing and heated tunnels for various processes operate as simple stand alone units. Other more complex systems include this coating system for SKF which includes a mesh belt that carries taper roller bearing cup & cones through a bath of molten molybdenum disulphide before a barrelling system.



ProdAuto ProdAuto ProdAuto ProdAuto ProdAuto



Chain Conveyors


Single acetyl chain handling milk cartons in food plant. But this conveyor was made in the thought of food in mind.


Twin CC600 Acetyl Chain conveyor for handling Kegs at Greene King


Twin flighted chains handling integrated circuit boards in Aluminium frames over flow soldering process. Making a great quility conveyor for most industries


Four strands of cast iron CC600 chains receiving kegs from kegging line. These are filled inverted to prevent fobbing and then fed through a turnover unit. 


Malleable cast iron drag scraper chain for handling cast iron scrap.


Drag scraper chain running through trough and receiving from wide infeed hopper.


Single acetyl chain handling machined components between machines.


Twin Acetyl chain conveyor handling beer crates on a very large scale.

Quench Conveyors

Quench conveyors in die-casting shop, water quench
ProdAuto ProdAuto ProdAuto
Oil quench at Torrington Bearings
Mesh belt quench conveyor
Quench conveyor with nitrile covers slats to protect die-castings from damage
Hinged conveyor (for maintenance removal) for SKF bearings


Small quench conveyor with heat exchanger for quenchant cooling - die-casting
Quench conveyor with keruin cover slats fro EMB die-casting machine

Roller Conveyors

ProdAuto Pivoting lengths of skate wheels to transfer boards at 90° onto power, single chain, conveyor ProdAuto Some of our various roller production items
ProdAuto Parasite drive wide roller conveyor ProdAuto Powered roller on transfer bogie for handling 'Bodies in white'
ProdAuto Roller slat wide conveyor for handling slats with stop ProdAuto Close pitch rubber covered rollers for handling components through shot blasting cabinet
ProdAuto Slewing section on gravity roller track system ProdAuto Section of a large lineshaft transfer system for handing Servis washing machines through an automatic row of test machines. Cross transfer is achieve by air spring lift.
ProdAuto ProdAuto
Heavy duty powered roller conveyors for handling steel coils
ProdAuto ProdAuto
Lineshaft conveyor with counter balanced access gate

Drag Scraper Conveyor

prodauto prodauto

A totally stainless steel conveyor in 316. Slow moving and used to collect rubbish and bits of lead from the destruction of vehicle batteries at Britannia Refined Metals
A Malleable cast iron chain with 3 drag elements. This removes cast iron chippings along a mild steel trough. Internal wheels on the chain are carried on 25mm.sq. bars and the paddle elements hang down conveying the scrap but leaving a thin bed underneath. Perkins Engines, Peterborough




Magnetic Conveyors

We now have a separate company manufacturing magnetic conveyors Magcon LtdMagcon Ltd Logo

ProdAuto...Moving magnets behind stainless steel skid bed...ProdAuto


A 1000mm wide feed conveyor for vertical elevator


Isometric View


This 1000mm wide conveyor is designed to be portable and also recover from a pit under a press. It is raised by a manual hydraulic pump and cylinder moving the conveyor body up 2 linear rails.



This link will take you to Magcon Ltd

Multi-Strand Conveyors

prodauto prodauto prodauto

These conveyors solved various problems: prior to these innovative units large, heavy  flat bed belt conveyors had to be positioned by fork truck between the presses and moved whenever a tool change was needed. Also there was nowhere to store the old conveyors. They also damaged the pressings especially aluminium ones with rubbish being carried by the belts which became pressed into the skins.

The new conveyors could be interlinked to form any length of conveying surface required. They can be electronically interlinked with a stop facility at the take of point

They can also be folded up  and pushed about by one man

The extended length is about 3M and the closed length about 1M

The running urethane surface does not damage the pressings and sheds and debris carried through

Gravity Roller Conveyors


Money counting machines at De La Rue.


A foundry somewhere


A jig handling system, on it's side


Twin tier on edges


A turn table being packed on its way to Norway


Twin and triple roller track with aluminium intermediate chequer stepping plates.

Overhead Conveyors

458 wheel turn take up



Caterpillar drive units


.ProdAuto ProdAuto ProdAuto

458 chain and carriers




Vibratory Conveyors


Food quality stainless steel.


Heavy duty for handling forgings.


Narrow for handling sand




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